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The Essentials

Name: Angelica (the "g" in my name is pronounced as an "h" though. i swear, it's not pronounced like the Angelica from the Rugrats. xD)
Nickname: Fim, Fimmy
Location: the US, specifically Illinois
Height: 5'1"
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Any Pets: Samantha and Bonita (both cats, but Samatha's technically my mom's), and Sophie (who is a dog)
Favorite Thing About Yourself: my drawing skills???? idk
Worst Habit: biting the insides of my lips ;w;
Fun Fact: i'm hispanic? xP

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender Identity: cisgendered she/her/hers
Sexual Preference: i think of myself as bisexual, but i'm still unsure sometimes (i know i'm not hetero tho)
Romantic Preference: biromantic too, i guess
"Kinsey Scale" Score: 3
Relationship Status: always been single ;w;
Myers/Briggs Type: INFP
Hogwarts House: definitely hufflepuff, but i'd like to be ravenclaw xD


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl":
early bird, i'm basically the only one in my house that gets up in the morning xD
Bath or Shower: shower, but i only have access to bathes in my house
First Thought in the Morning: "okay me, you better get out of bed right now i swear to god nO DON'T GO BACK TO SLEEP DAMMIT"
Last Thought Before Falling Asleep at Night: probably some fanfic ideas or something nerdy like that |D


Do You Work or Are You a Student:
done with public school, but now i'm moving on to college, so i'm still a student xP
What Do You Do Good: art, playing video games, writting????, crying about hot fictional characters
Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years: i hope out of my hometown, possibly living with my sister and actually having a job

Habits (Do You…?)

Drink: not old enough, so no
Smoke: nope
Do Drugs: also nope
Exercise:  i walk, but that's about it |D
Have a Go-To Comfort Food: well, it's not a food, but soda (preferably squirt)
Have a Nervous Habit: again, biting the insides of my lips ;w;

What is Your Favorite…?

Physical Quality (in yourself): my legs, baby 8D we've been over this
In Others: hmmmm well eyes draw me in pretty quick, so there's that >w<
Mental/Emotional Quality (in Yourself): loyalty?
Food: pizza
Drink: squirt
Animal: cats owo
Artist/Band/Group: of monsters and men, definitely, and 30 seconds to mars
Author/Poet: erin hunter? come to think of it, i don't read very many books besides warriors so |D
TV Show: don't really have one -w-;
Actor/Actress: i really like kristan stewart, but not because of her role in twilight (i hated that franchise)
well, if we're talking tumblr blogs too, this guy
  • Mood: Happy
  • Playing: NO MORE HEROES



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
mah bros


Other Accounts: :iconask-female-stormfur:

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Lol, i still see my old account under Mah Bros,

You should change it to this on XD
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Psssssssst you should do a stream if your open ^^ XD
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What happened to you coming back???? D:
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Sorry, I didn't end up getting home until kinda late. Dx When I checked to see if the was still up, it had already ended. ;w;
TheUntamedArtist Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Thats okay ^^ It actually ended not to long after you left cause doodle had to go
Sunny-da-kitta Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
i got a started
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